W4L Newsletter June 2019

Welcome to our June W4l Newsletter

Wow! June already, and for the first time in an age we have been able to go on holiday!

I want to share some plans and a testimony to you this letter, as we have seen some awesome things and the principle is so scriptural, I wanted to encourage you.

While on holiday we had a restaurant next to our hotel/apartment that we visited, we got to know the managers well. Now the hotel wasn’t full most of the time and they had people encouraging people into the restaurant to eat. Jenny and got to know the lady who was at the door well. She was new to the job and was frustrated that she wasn’t able to get people to come and eat, so as ever Jenny & I started to encourage her and build her self-confidence, we also started to tell new people at the hotel, strangers and passers by to come and check out the food. The result is they got more custom and were blessed by us. We found out that the manager’s wife had a birthday, so Jenny being jenny went and bought her a new handbag, when we presented her with the bag tears of joy flood down her face, why? It’s not something the normal customer would do, so why did we do it? Seedtime and harvest. 

We now have an open invite as the managers said when we left to come home our house is your house, we where give FREE CAKE!!! Yay and drinks.

On our return our property business was needing to have a turn around and we had been working hard with little results, so we sowed a seed and prayed together and thanked Father for the results, and we saw the results within the week.

The keys to the Kingdom of God is seedtime and harvest, yet so many of us sow but don’t always see the results…. Why?  Well I believe it’s thanks giving, David Thanked the Lord and rejoiced even in times of hardship. We don’t stop after seed is sown, we water with thankfulness, rejoice in our God supply’s our needs, that we overcome because of Him and not works, for He came to give us life and our lives should be focused on our relationship with Him and not our problems, because He is greater than our problems and we are so thankful He is backing our corner and He has destroyed all the works of the enemy.

I trust this has blessed you and look forward to next time-sharing with you, however I want to start another series but would like your input.

We will be looking at two subjects but which one first????

Healing or Body, Soul and Spirit simply click the link and write which one you want us to cover first in the subject bar and send, these will be awesome study and I look forward to sharing with you.

Love you all and thank you for your support