W4L Newsletter July 20129

Wow is it me or is this year flying!

I don’t know about you but I’m finding that time has increased it’s speed and days just seem to fly by.

I want to let you know we are about to start a study on Healing, a subject that has so many views, but I want to look what the Bible says as some would argue it’s no long for today, that it was only in the early church, yet I have been seeing so many acts of God I wanted to look at it further.

I personally am going back to foundations in my studies,  simply because from time to time I want to make sure the foundations I am building on are kept in line with the Word of God.

Jenny & I were away at a conference a few weeks ago, and on returning  home half way up the motorway, we had to pay the toll, Jenny then released she had left her handbag at the hotel. We called and asked two different people could look in the main hall to see if it had been left or if it had been handed in, after some length and us turning round paying again to get on the toll road they called to say nothing has been found. At this point I put some worship music on and started to sing as we drove, we prayed in tongues, and asked the Lord to protect and return the bag to us. There is nothing we can do apart cancel all our payment cards (lack of faith sorry) and keep moving forward.

We arrived at the Hotel and before Jenny got out of the car she placed her hand in mind and we agreed the bag was found and in reception, I went to the main hall to look, nothing, then the area around the main hall, nothing, got some refreshments and then looked in the car park, nothing, the boot of the car, the back seats under the seats, everywhere I could think.

Jenny however went straight to reception and got her bag back. What is it that we learn from this, well we make mistakes, but I was doing things in my own strength trying to please my wife and find her bag for her, yet we had already prayed and Jenny went with expectation to reception and save a lot of running around and emotional stress.

In this day and age we must learn to walk in faith and expectation, we need to do the Bible and believe in the truth that our God is more than able. He is for us, He loves us, and He is looking out for us.

Today if your walking through difficulties, disapointments or hard times, ask Father to lead you guide you into all truth and allow Him to order YOUR steps, it’s tiime to let go and Let God bewho He has said He would be.

I pray that this encourages you to trust in Him who is above all and Loves us soooooo much.

Until next time, we love you and thank you for your support in prayer and encouragement, we will be starting our study soon please look out for it.

Love you.