W4L Newsletter August 2019

Wow how about the temperatures we’ve been having, records broken amazing!

Welcome to our August Newsletter, where has the time gone!

I wanted to tell you about my car of all things, I have to do a lot of driving around the North of England and saw on a hot day the car seemed to be over heating when I was waiting in traffic.

I was concerned that as old as the car is, it was faithful and keeps running, so was this the end?

Well, no I just filled the cooling system up with water and off I go again. So it’s not just us that needs to keep cool in the heat but cars, plants, and a number of other things. It’s important for all our well being, which made me think how important water is to us.

It reminded me of the story of Jesus at the well asking for water, He too must have been hot, needing water to sustain Himself, yet He was in the right place at the right time with the right company. Out of a simple act of asking for water a women had her life changed forever!

We see Jesus comments in John 4:7-26, Jesus offered this women the water, so she will never thirst again. Jesus knew what this women needed and showed love towards her in softly correcting her lifestyle and bringing her to a place of decision.

Jesus gave us the vary same Water He offered this woman at the well. In this hot season (not as hot as other countries), we depend on water to keep us functioning. So why is it when we look at the things of the spirit we tend not to drink of the water where we will never thirst again, but do things in our own strength?

In our Western way of life, we are well able to do things with the Spirit of God, it takes discipline to stay full of the Spirit, and it’s up to us to chaise after Him and build our relationship with Him.

The Holy Spirit even this week caused me meet someone in B&Q (DIY Shop) just out of the blue, we spent some time talking and I had the opportunity to pray for His back, he got healed and we will be keeping in touch now, why? Being led by the living water that brings life and fellowship to reach His objectives.

Dear friend seek first the Kingdom of God and drink of the Living water and not only will we never thirst again but those around us also.

Stay refreshed.

Love you and look forward to a long glass of water.

Till next time